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The US is nearly always experiencing a Firestorm, somewhere.  Drought conditions usually complicate matters and the weather can be either an ally or a very powerful opponent.

Fire Safety

In order to protect your family, everyone should have a plan to evacuate the house in case of a fire. Start in one room and discuss the path to take in order to exit the building.  Suggest alternate routes in case one path is blocked. Repeat this procedure for every room in the house that was not already in a previous escape path.

Practice makes perfect.  Drill your family.  Use a fire bell or other alarm to designate a fire drill.  When there is smoke, make sure to crawl while you follow the appropriate path, inhaling smoke could make you choke and pass out. 

Before grabbing a door knob or handle, pass your hand close by to make sure that it is not hot.  If it is, find a new route as suggested in your family discussion.

If you ever catch on fire, remember to...

  1. Stop
    We stop because if we run we add air to the fire.  Oxygen is like fuel to a fire, and if you run it is like fanning the flames.
  2. Drop
    We drop and lay over the flames because we want to smother out the flames.  We are cutting of the oxygen that fuels the fire.
  3. Roll
    Roll over any flames, smothering them between your body and the ground.  If you have a blanket in reach, you can grab it to help smother the flames and put out the fire, but don't get up until all the flames are extinguished.

To assist someone else is on fire, tell them to Stop, Drop & Roll.  See if you can grab a blanket, towel or table cloth (it does not have to be wet) to smother out the flames and put out the fire.

Be careful with and around fire.  Always make sure that you have extinguished and fires or embers you start.

Every domicile should be equipped with fire alarms, there should be at least one on every floor.  Call your local Fire Marshall at the nearest Fire Department for more information on how to cover your home effectively.

Remember to replace the batteries in each of your fire alarm units annually.

Replace your furnace filter regularly (within about every 90 days or even more often).  Clogged filters will block heat circulation and could become a hazard as the furnace works harder to provide the required temperature at the thermostat.  Properly maintaining your furnace by regularly replacing the filter is not only safer, it saves money on heating fuel because it uses less energy.

Always check your fireplace for obstructions when opening and closing the flu, and before every fireplace fire.

Ensure that you can keep children at least 3 feet from any heat source such as space heaters, grills, ovens & stoves.

Always purchase electrical products, appliances and electronics which proudly display the UL symbol.

Never drive into smoke if your vision is obstructed or impaired, you could be driving into an accident or even a firestorm.


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